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Heading 6

The Earth children joined forces with four of the Vorlec children to assist them with their packing. As they worked, laughter and chatter filled the air, bridging the gap between their worlds. But suddenly, a tense moment arrived when two more thugs emerged from behind a tree, their hostile voices demanding answers. The atmosphere grew tense as the Earth children and their new Vorlec friends stood face-to-face with the menacing figures.

Whispering to Victoria, Henry shared a daring plan. ‘I'll try the scarab ring. Maybe it can help.’ With a determined rub, the scarab ring conjured a small transformer into his hand. Without hesitation, Henry pressed the T button, and astonishingly, the thugs transformed into rats, scurrying away in panic. ‘Phew, that was a close call! They were utterly terrifying,’ Henry confessed, relief evident in his voice.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of preparations, Xypor found his attention captured by a figure approaching – a beautiful girl named Mara. Her outstretched hand and warm greeting left him momentarily stunned. ‘I am Mara, I would like to meet you!’ she said. Walking together towards the capsule, Xypor couldn't believe his luck. Mara embodied the kind of companion he had dreamt of meeting someday. As they conversed and got to know each other, Tyrzh watched them, his heart swelling with emotion. He had wished for nothing but happiness for all the remarkable boys, and seeing Xypor and Mara together, he knew that fate was finally aligning for them.

With each precious possession carefully loaded, the group readied themselves for their transition to Vorlec Island. The capsule stood ready, a vessel of hope and dreams, waiting to carry them to their new sanctuary.

With a sense of anticipation and unity, around 80 adult Vorlecs, accompanied by their children and cherished pets, embarked on the capsule. The destination was clear: Vorlec Island, where they would build their new lives and embrace a future full of promise and camaraderie. The capsule hummed to life, its thrusters igniting, and in an instant, they were soaring towards their shared destiny.

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