LEFT: Printmaking Sisters presenting the Animalia Collection to Elspeth Pitt, at the National Gallery of Australia.


If you wish to view the Animalia folio, contact the Collection Study Room Co-ordinator, Rose Montebello.

Relevant details about opening hours and bookings are available on the NGA website here: http://nga.gov.au/Visiting/CSR.cfm

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The 2015  Animalia Poster, featuring every entry in the Animalia International Exchange is now on

The posters are beautifully printed on good quality paper and measure 50cm wide X 80 cm high

Proceeds of sales are pledged to World Animal Protection to assist them in their wonderful work caring for animals in need.


Courtney N Googe 'Chambered Nautilus'

Marg McArdell 'Waiting For...'

161 Celine Khaw  Australia

Title ‘Jawai Leopard’ Multiple zinc plate etching - 3 plates I enjoy wildlife photography and art. Rural Rajasthan is where the Jawai Leopards walk in the footsteps of Rabari herdsmen. This image is based on photos I took in the Indian summer of 2015. ckhaw@capturewild.com