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Robin Ezra and Annie Day were raised in a creative household - their artistic mother had an unerring sense of colour and design and their father was a sought after Commercial Photographer.

Annie has been a practicing artist since gaining her painting diploma in 1974 from the National Art School, Sydney. She began exploring safer printmaking in 1996.

Although Robin was self-taught as a teenager, her intensity of interest in all things visual, and consequently the quality of the body of work she now produces really began when she enrolled in Life Drawing classes at the ANU School or Art with the 3rd Year Sculpture students in 1985 and over the years has enrolled in a number of art classes.  Her printmaking journey started over 20 years ago.

Printmaking Sisters are passionate advocates of safer, healthier and more environmentally friendly printmaking techniques and recognised for their mastery of Waterless Lithography.

Over the past 15 years they have taught these safer techniques in Florence Italy, UK, New Zealand and many places in Australia.

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It’s of paramount importance to assemble the items on this list – we know from experience that once you see the lessons you will want to begin to create plates immediately and if you are totally prepared there’s nothing to hold you back.

If you are having difficulty finding anything on the list, contact us and your fellow students from around the world through the private Facebook group. Someone near you will be able to help you find the item.

Builders’ supplies:

Roof and Gutter Silicone, acetone, MDF or melamine coated board – we find the perfect pieces in the offcuts box. The size is up to you.


Art supplies:

Odourless solvent - (odourless mineral spirit), Staedtler lumocolor omnichrom pencil, hard roller/brayer - we prefer Essdee brand.


Office supplies:

Paper guillotine, Sharpie pens – choose the pens with a grey body and black ends.



Vanson rubber base ink, Gans inks, Fine Art inks in Australia. Most offset inks can be used but etching and water based inks do not work with the process.


Glass for rolling out ink:

Have a look in a second hand shop for your perfect piece.



Gloves, smooth toilet paper.


IKEA or kitchenware shop:

Milk frother/ latte stirrer, battery operated.


Offset Plate:

Get this from an offset printer, go in person and ask for ‘used’ plate.

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3 or 4 layers of the silicone mixture is used to coat your sub–plate.

The mixture is composed of unpaintable Roof and Gutter Silicone and Odourless solvent.

The aim is to get a smooth mixture with a consistency like runny honey or Maple Syrup. After adding a little odourless solvent to the silicone with the latte stirrer turned off we pounce up and down in the mix until most of the silicone is broken up then turn the stirrer on keeping the beater under the surface. You may need to add more odourless solvent until the desired consistency is reached.  Watch the video for tips. Keep the lid closed when not in use to prevent the mixture curing.

Roof and Gutter silicone is unpaintable which is perfect for our needs because it repels the ink from the sub plate and also holds the waterless plate in place during roll up.

Use small plastic food containers, similar to that shown in the video, for mixing and storage. Any unused mix can be stored in a refrigerator.

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Find a piece of MDF board at a hardware store or a builders’ supplier and coat as above.For Melamine coated board, sand paper the surface until there is ‘tooth’ before applying the mixture.