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31 March -1 May 2023   Le Studio Gallery  74 - 76 Hoddle Street Roberson NSW

This body of work is inspired by various forms of land, sea and sky and all that is natural in the environment. 

My paintings are influenced by texture and light with the focus on colour and atmosphere

I work in oil and cold wax, each painting is built up of multiple layers, scratching and wiping away, revealing hidden aspects in previous layers.  I work intuitively until I feel the subtle essence and depth of meaning will embrace the emotions of the viewer.

Raewyn Carboni

Raewyn Carboni   ESSENCE OF NATURE 

Louise Campbell-Smith INTO THE HORIZON

9 -19 June 2023 - Le Studio Gallery74 - 76 Hoddle Street Roberson NSW
Exhibition opening 10 June

Seeking out the forever, into the dusk, into the sunset, that point where we fall into the realm of nothing and everything. These recent works in oil, acrylic and pen aim to catch the moments of the everyday that echo the forever, to catch the moments of driving onwards into the sunset into the future.
To capture the open sky across the landscape, the fast changing light, the reflections of our being and our seeking to chase the spaces between us.

             Louise Campbell-Smith
      Instagram #lulubel888
Louise Campbell Smith image.jpg

Images below from our 2019 exhibition "Drawn to Print" at Il Bisonte in Florence

A few photos of the opening
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