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Printmaking in Florence

May 2020 Cancelled due to the Covid 9 Pandemic

OUR 11th Florence WORKSHOP

To read more about our Florence workshop please click here.

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Looking for an apartment in Florence:

We have a golden rule, always ask 'what floor' because the old medieval stairs are just a little higher than those at home and even the fittest amongst us may find it difficult at the end of a busy day. We opt for an apartment with an elevator if it's over one floor up.

The area you choose is very important as the studio is in San Niccolo in the Oltrarno - the other side of the river. It's good to be able to walk to the studio.

Best areas are Piazza della Signoria - near Uffizzi - Ponte Vecchio and Santa Croce.  Find the area on a map and avoid the very steep hill near the Boboli gardens.

Please check with us first to be sure.

Windows on Italy   ​

Apartments in Florence,

Sharing an apartment can be very economical and a great way to experience living in Florence.  We love shopping in the stunning markets for beautiful fresh food to prepare in our apartment.

An appetite & ​enthusiasm for all things aesthetic are the only prerequisites as you soak up all this city of timeless masterpieces has to offer
Enjoy over 60 hours of studio based tuition  and practice hands-on Aluminium Etching and Waterless Lithography
​Our classes are held in the inspiring atmosphere of Il Bisonte studio.
Celebrate all of life’s greatest pleasures art, history, food & travel in a setting like no other
​Join printmakers Robin Ezra & Annie Day in the historic heart of Florence at Il Bisonte, the world famous printmaking studio that has collaborated with artists such as Picasso and Moore​
To register your interest   email Robin
Go to Florence Workshop page for more information
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