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Seasons Gifts Workshop 11 - 12 November

Robin and Annie are delighted to welcome you to the upcoming 2-day Waterless Lithography workshop, where you will create prints & cards perfect for gifts.  We have over 15 years experience teaching this technique and will get you up to speed fast. In order to make the most of our time together, here are some essential details and preparations you'll need to undertake before the workshop begins:

 Image Transfer:

  • Start thinking about the images you'd like to create for cards and prints. For the transfer process we recommend designs in black on white with no tone. Please draw one or two of your designs using a Sharpie pen and email to Annie to make the transfer.







  • Email your designs to Annie at least one week prior to the workshop. These designs will be used for the transfer process, and you'll have the opportunity to add colour during the workshop.

  • The transfer is a small part of the course and quick and easy, but make sure you have several other ideas ready to draw onto the lithographic plates.

Paper & Materials:

  • We provide high-quality 300gsm printmaking paper from Italy for use during the class.

  • All necessary materials, including the plate, inks, notes and other required items, will be supplied.


  • Quality envelopes are available for purchase from us at $1 each. They are designed to fit a 14 cm square card, so ensure your image fits this size if you plan to purchase our envelopes.

  • Alternatively, you may bring your own envelopes, readily available and well priced, at stationers, Kmart, supermarkets etc. Any size you can buy is OK, just size your artwork to be half a centimeter smaller so it fits the envelope.

Please bring:

  • An apron or a shirt to protect your clothing during the workshop and your designs and ideas.


  • Several Coffee and food options are conveniently located nearby.

We hope this information helps you prepare effectively for the workshop. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. Looking forward to a creative and productive workshop!

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