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Introducing Robin Ezra and Annie Day - the Printmaking Sisters, a dynamic duo passionate about art, creativity, and sustainable printmaking techniques. Growing up in a household steeped in artistry, their journey was guided by their mother, a creator of exquisite 'top-end' garments, and their father, a skilled photographer. This artistic environment shaped their creative spirits and set them on a lifelong artistic pursuit.
Annie, an artist with an enduring passion for painting, embarked on her artistic journey after earning her painting diploma in 1974 from the National Art School in Sydney. On the other hand, Robin delved into the world of art by enrolling in Life Drawing classes at the ANU School of Art in 1985, igniting her love for capturing the human form.
Together, the Printmaking Sisters advocate for safer, healthier, and environmentally friendly printmaking techniques. Over the past 15 years, they have tirelessly shared their knowledge and expertise, teaching these sustainable methods in various parts of the world, including Florence Italy, the UK, New Zealand, and their home country, Australia.
Their dedication to promoting sustainable printmaking led to the creation of Le Studio 74, their very own printmaking school located in Robertson, NSW, Australia. At Le Studio 74, they continue to inspire and educate aspiring artists, fostering a community that values both artistic expression and the well-being of our planet.
Join Robin Ezra and Annie Day on their artistic journey as they transform visions into beautiful prints and champion a more sustainable and eco-conscious approach to art.

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