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Yes, we are sisters. Pictured with some toys and our dear Scottie dog, Jeanie McGuffin AKA Guff.
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Printmaking Sisters Robin Ezra and Annie Day, were raised in a creative household - their mother had an unerring sense of design, colour and texture and father was a sought after Commercial Photographer.

Annie has been a practicing artist since gaining her painting diploma in 1974 from the National Art School, Sydney.  In 1996 Annie began safer, low toxic printmaking.

Although Robin was self-taught as a teenager, her intensity of interest in all things visual, and consequently the quality of the body of work she now produces really began when she enrolled in Life Drawing classes at the ANU School or Art with the 3rd Year Sculpture students in 1985 and over the years has enrolled in a number of art classes.  Her printmaking journey started over 20 years ago.

Printmaking Sisters are passionate advocates of safer, healthier and environmentally friendly printmaking techniques and recognised for their mastery of Waterless Lithography.

Over the past 15 years they have taught these safer techniques in Florence, UK, New Zealand and many places in Australia


Our new online Waterless Lithography Course is under development.

Over 9 modules we show you all the various 'waterless' techniques we have developed over the years.

This is a practical course and we won't hold back the information.  

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Florence is off the agenda until it is safe to travel, then we will have our long awaited 11th Florence workshop

Participants limited to 4
15 hours total $380 

Mondays 12 noon - 3 pm 

Fridays 10 am - 1 pm

Classes in our gallery at The SHAC,   74 - 76 Hoddle St Robertson NSW

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