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Two, one-day, introductory workshops,15 - 16 June.

Blanche Lazzell 1878-1956.jpg
Tulips, by Blanch Lazzell 1920

Inspired by Cressida Campbell’s technique, these classes serve as an introduction to the White Line printmaking technique. We use a specially sourced block that's effortless to carve by hand and holds watercolor beautifully. Expect to work on small blocks and have a few examples to take home at the end of the day. Your tutors, Printmaking Sisters, Robin Ezra & Annie Day

COST: One day: $240 including all materials & lunch    Book

COST: Both days, should you decide to make a weekend of it: $360 including all materials and lunch.    Book


A potted history of this wonderful method which began over 100 years ago with a group of six artists in Provincetown, Massachusetts. This form of woodblock printmaking became known as the Provincetown print. Blanche Lazzell was one of the founding members. Currently Kate Hanlon, USA, works with White Line.

Cressida Campbell’s technique varies a little from the traditional Provincetown method. After drawing her image on a plywood plate, she carves the block and paints with watercolour before printing.

Kate Hanlon.jpg
Monhegan Flower Gardens
Kate Hanlon 2018
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