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Julia Wright is drawn to weathered, organic, irregular forms and the repetition of simple shapes, like clusters of barnacles, knotted tree roots and growth patterns of lichen.
Her mixed media textiles pieces suggest fragments of landscape without being figurative. Jewellery techniques such as wire work and shaped metal forms add delicate details, simple organic structures and focal points within stitched textural compositions.
Julia trained in Applied Design at Edinburgh College of Art, and has been teaching Textiles and exhibiting her work for over 20 years.
​Now based in Manchester, England, she records inspiration, through drawing, photography, sampling and creating sketchbooks.


 Students will use a range of textiles materials and techniques including wrapping and binding, couching and entrapment to create colourful, textured, mixed media pieces inspired by close up details seen in the landscape. We will take inspiration from weathered and worn, organic forms and the repetition of simple shapes, like knotted tree roots and growth patterns of plants such as moss and lichen.

Rich rusts, vibrant greens or neutral palettes can be chosen to explore clusters of textural stitch, rows of bound threads and layers of dyed fabrics and fibres, with metal elements also adding detail and focal points. 
We will wrap, entrap and bind and use the repetitive practice of stitch as a mark-making technique, combining pinching and gathering with clusters of tiny textural marks.

No previous experience is needed, as all techniques will be demonstrated and taught step by step. An interest in experimental embroidery, using hand-dyed and recycled materials and mixed media would be valuable. Students are encouraged to bring their own inspirational photos of details in the landscape as well as fabrics and threads they may wish to incorporate.

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