The Water Project - International Print Exchange

Printmaking Sisters invite printmakers from around the globe to join us in this exchange.
How the Water Project began.

In October  2017 GLENYS MANN & NONIE SUTCLIFFE, from Fibre Arts Australia, travelled to India into Gujarat, Zianabad province near the Little Rann Desert.

"What happened on that trip was to change our lives and the lives of an 'untouchable  caste' community of 200 people in Bajanya. 

Overhearing a heated discussion with our host of  Desert Courses, Dhanraj Malik and Jivi (pictured at Right), the matriarch of this community we realised that there was something that we could do with the monies that are raised with our “10x10” and “15x15” exhibitions at Fibre Arts events.

The argument was over a ‘hole in the tank’! We made sure a well was dug and a pump placed down 350 feet.

This well now feeds into a number of tanks that support an extended community… Toilets have been put into the Junior Girls School, imagine for 15 years there were NO TOILETS!! 250 trees have been planted in the surrounding area and a new playground for the school has been fenced off.

Scholarships are provided for girls at the High School, all from the funds raised at Fibre Arts events selling small art works!

We have another project for the extended community brewing that will come later in the year… it is exciting and will make a huge difference to the Zainabad community!"

Nonie and I thank you for your support for making these prints for the International Print Exchange… it will change lives.

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The Water Project and Printmaking Sisters invite printmakers from around the globe to join us in this exchange.  

This is an exchange with a difference, all images will be uploaded to a Redbubble page where anyone can order the images on various quality articles including T shirts, bags, mugs, phone covers etc. See example below. The profits from these online sales go directly to the Water Project.

It is a ‘given’ that by entering this exchange you allow your image to be available to be uploaded to Redbubble.

Theme  - WATER

Be liberal with your interpretation as you respond to this encompassing theme.

To help here are a few words to describe water: calm, choppy, deep, fresh, high, littoral, low, marine, oceanic, pacific, rough, stagnant, swollen, tidal.

Reflect on how water affects our planet the humans, animal kingdom, the landscape, plants and climate.

Paper size

Paper size is strictly 12 cm square or 4.7 inches square. Images can be printed edge to edge or on any part of the paper. 

Size of image: While you are creating your image consider carefully that this image will be uploaded in high definition to a special Redbubble website where it can be printed onto various articles. An image the maximum 12 cm square size will be best for reproduction. If the image is indistinct we will put the eye catching Water Project border around it in a colour matching your print, see below. All profits from these sales go directly to The Water Project



Intaglio, Relief, Collagraphy, Stencil, Lithography, Letterpress, Serigraphy, Digital alone or in combination with these techniques is also accepted


Number of prints

Each artist will create an edition of 10 prints signed and numbered (1/10, 2/10, 3/10...etc) and mail to: Printmaking Sisters, PO Box 3328 Robertson NSW 2577 AUSTRALIA

Two prints are to be donated for sale - the proceeds to The Water Project

Eight prints will be exchanged and you will be sent a random selection in return

Each print needs the artist’s name, title, and medium in pencil on the back 

If you wish you can add extra prints to be sold on behalf of the Water Project


The prints will be exhibited and sold at Printmaking Sisters at the SHAC Gallery and at Fibre Arts events.

When the prints and fees arrive, images of the prints will be uploaded to a Redbubble page along with your short artist statement 


Entry fee
Participation fee: $20 AU in Australia and $25 AU International (outside Australia) to cover handling, postage and packaging.


Now extended until 31 March 2021 but do try to get yours in as early as possible. We realise how difficult life has been due to the pandemic but printmakers are very resourceful beings, can't wait to see your prints!

We are very excited about this exchange, when we see the difference Glenys and Nonie have made in this community of outcasts we are only too delighted to help.