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If it's cold in your studio read this tip:
Due to the high pigmentation in combination with the resin used in these inks may cause the rheology or "flow", to be stiff in tubes, especially during winter.
To ease the flow, simply stand the tube in a mug of hot water for several minutes prior to squeezing out.

Angus direct:
0416007367. Ask Angus about plate for Waterless Lithography.
Printmaking Sisters also have stock at Robertson in our gallery. 

Fine Art Inks - made in Australia - are available in the basic Pantone range.

These highly pigmented inks are used by artists for intaglio and relief printmaking and letterpress.

Smooth Wipe modifier for etching and Add Tack for waterless lithography make these inks extremely versatile

The inks do not skin and will stay open on glass for several days if needed. 


Fine Art inks contain no driers but dry by absorption

After printing clean your intaglio plates with oil or a water miscible wash.

All inks available in Tubes 




For etching and all intaglio add Fine Art 'Smooth Wipe" to aid wiping back

For Waterless Lithography use Fine Art Inks  'Add Tack' to 'tighten' your ink when needed.

'Transparent White' also known as tint base will add transparency where needed for intaglio and waterless lithography

VIDEO: Waterless Lithograph and Intaglio being inked with Fine Art Inks.

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