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Drawing to Print with Photopolymer Plates
Wednesday September 11 2024   10 am-4 pm

Using drawings on double matte drafting film you will create an A5 photopolymer plate.

You can use pencil to do a drawing on the drafting film, or fine tipped pens, ones that are pigment based and after testing do not smudge on the film. The film is placed on the surface of the plate, face down and exposed to UV light. The lines wash away in tap water. The plate is dried, and hardened, then it is ready to print.

A range of inking and printing variations will be demonstrated including intaglio with transparent relief colour, and à la poupée colour inking. You will also be shown how to create background colours on Japanese paper using coloured pencils and print the Japanese paper using the chine collé technique.

We will work with an A5 plate, 21 x 15 cms. Bring drawings and visual resources to the workshops. You will draw the images onto double matte drafting film. No need to reverse the image. We will expose the drawings onto Printight KM73 photopolymer plates.

Once we have processed the plates we will experiment with printing variations.

Participants to bring if possible:

Pencils range HB-6B, pigment felt tipped pens (Posca pens are opaque), technical pens, visual resources (your drawings, photographs for inspiration).

Wear an apron.

Cost $260. including lunch, morning and afternoon tea.

Dianne 1.jpg
Left: Film and print by Dianne Longley. Drawing using a pencil on drafting film. Right: Intaglio print with chine collé, & colour pencil.
Dianne 2.jpg
Left: Film & print. Drawing using a technical pen on drafting film. Right: Intaglio print with relief roll of transparent colour.
Dianne 3.jpg
Left: Changes print, Dianne Longley.  Right: Chance print, Dianne Longley. Intaglio prints with à la poupée colour inking and relief roll of transparent colour.
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