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Highlands Hive 74 Hoddle Street Robertson, NSW

12 - 13 December, Bronwyn Berman   Banksia Women, decorations Evening class

4,5,6 & 7 January, 
Caren Florance      Print to Book

12,13 & 14 January, Annie Day             Waterless Lithography at Warringah Printmakers                                                                         Summer School
17 - 18 February,  Dianne Longley      Drawings to Prints using Photopolymer plates

24 - 25 February,  Dianne Longley      More Photopolymer plates & Japanese Bookbinding


Christmas decorations workshops 


12 & 13 December  5.30 - 7.30

Banksia Women.jpg

Banksia pods have a beautiful natural texture and shape and combining them with jewellery can create a stunning effect.

Bronwyn Berman is a skilled artist who will guide workshop participants through the process of decorating a banksia pod with their old jewellery. Participants can learn techniques such as how to attach jewellery securely to the pod and how to create a balanced and visually appealing design.

Attending the workshop over two evenings allows for ample time to explore different design options and create a finished product that participants can be proud of. The resulting decoration can add a personal touch to Christmas festivities and can be enjoyed year after year.

Overall, this workshop offers a fun and eco-friendly way to transform your old jewellery into a beautiful and meaningful decoration. 

Cost each workshop $145

                         Tutor Bronwyn Berman



Waterless lithography, a safer printmaking technique, allows the artist to create a successful Lithographic image quickly using recycled commercial offset plates.  During the workshop we take the mystery out of the technique while creating prints with colour.  This course will provide both an introduction to Waterless Lithography and bring experienced students up to date with new developments in this interesting technique

Course Fee:     $420
Materials Fee:  $25 Bring materials fee on the first day. 
Studio Membership: $30 (non-members only) Payable to Warringah Printmakers Studio online before or on the first day of the course.

Location: Warringah Printmakers Studio, corner Condamine & Lovett Streets MANLY VALE  Hours: 10-4

Bookings:  Annie Day 

Included in the Materials Fee:  Plates, inks, Omnichrom pencil, notes & sundries.

Printmaking paper is for sale at the studio. 

Bring materials fee on the first day.

Waterless litho and collagraph.jpg
Annie Day
Waterless Lithograph with Collagraph plate 

Caren Florance 4 - 7 January

A four-day workshop to create artist books with your original prints. On the first day, Caren will show you the size of the prints, that we will be working on. Then during the first two days, Printmaking Sisters will guide you to produce the pages with your own original prints. On the final two days transform them into creative books with Caren Florance. Read More


As well as producing a finished, original artist book, this is a chance to learn a variety of playful book structures that can transform proofs and misprints. Participants are welcome to bring extra prints to work with or can work with blank paper to create maquettes for later reference. 

Caren Florance is a writer, printer, and designer. She has taught book arts at ANU, Uni of Canberra, National Art School, and a variety of national and international workshops. She lives in Bega, NSW.

Cost: $580 for 4 days including tuition and all materials. Small class of only 6. Excellent value, get in early!    BOOK

UntitlD L.jpg


17 - 18 February, 2024 

Drawings to Prints using Photopolymer Plates

Using drawings on double matte drafting film you will create two A5 photopolymer plates. A range of inking and printing variations will be demonstrated including intaglio with transparent relief colour, and a la poupee colour inking. You will also be shown how to create background colours on Japanese paper using coloured pencils or watercolours. These background drawings will be scanned and printed onto Japanese paper to be printed chine collé with your photopolymer plate. This allows for printing an edition of chine collé prints with your background colours printed onto Japanese paper using an inkjet printer.

Cost: $470 Limit 6 participants
All materials & lunch included.

24 - 25 February, 2024 

More Photopolymer plates and Japanese Bookbinding

You will create an embossing plate which will be printed as an embossing, and a relief embossing. You will also create a two-plate print, with your colour plates printed in register. As well as creating prints you will also make an A4 landscape Japanese bound book. The binding technique makes beautiful artist books if you want to print images and text on your pages, or with this book, you can tip in your recent workshop prints and add notes to annotate the images.  We will work with A5 plates, 21 x 15 cm. Bring drawings and visual resources to the workshops. You will draw the images onto double matte drafting film, using a range of media, and we will expose the drawings onto Printight KM73 photopolymer plates. Once we have the plates we will experiment with printing variations. And Japanese bookbinding is a wonderfully simple technique that can be used to make notebooks, journals, and artist books.

Cost: $490 Limit 6 participants
All materials & lunch included.
Two wonderful new workshops that complement each other beautifully.
During the workshops, work with A5 plates, 21 x 15 cm.  You will draw the images onto double matte drafting film, using a range of media, and expose the drawings onto Printight KM73 photopolymer plates.

Once we have the plates we will experiment with several printing variations.
In the second workshop, you discover that Japanese bookbinding is a wonderfully simple technique that can be used to make notebooks, journals, and artist books.

The emphasis of both workshops is on understanding the variables involved.
There is an obvious benefit to doing both workshops. 

Please bring:

Pencils range HB-6B, solid graphite, pigment felt-tipped pens (Posca pens are opaque), pen and ink, visual resources (your drawings, photographs for inspiration), disposable nitrile gloves for inking plates, scissors, ruler, cutting mat if you have one, Olfa snap-off knife. Apron and closed shoes.

Weekend workshops held Saturday & Sunday from 9:30am to 4:30pm, breaks for coffee & lunch. 
These workshops will be advised ahead of time, including details such as notes, course materials and other relevant matters.
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