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Annie Day is an accomplished artist, earning her painting diploma in 1974 from Sydney's National Art School.

Renowned for her portraiture, Annie has been recognized in the esteemed "Portia Geech" portrait prize and as a finalist in the international "Doug Moran – Portraits of Australia" prize. Her subjects have included notable figures like Nancy Wake, Morris West, Max Dupain, and Jill Fitzsimon.

With a rich portfolio spanning mural art, Annie has completed commissions for private residences, including one for former Prime Minister Bob Hawke. Her art graces the walls of major hospitals and London's The Stafford hotel, where she forged a friendship with wartime hero Nancy Wake.

In recent years, Annie's artistic focus has shifted towards printmaking, specifically championing safer, eco-friendly techniques. Her pioneering work centers on Waterless Lithography, imparted through workshops across various locations globally.

Annie's expertise extends to multiple forms of printmaking, encompassing Waterless Lithography, Aluminum Etching, Photopolymer Intaglio, Collagraphy, Stencil, and other intaglio and relief methods. Her extensive CV highlights projects undertaken nationwide and abroad, showcasing her dedication to advancing printmaking practices globally.




Robin has possessed a lifelong sensitivity to the natural world, infusing her artwork with a keen sense of observation and a mastery of composition that captivates viewers. Her creations exude a timeless harmony, perpetually enchanting even those familiar with her pieces. Robin's distinctive touch, marked by delicacy and meticulous detailing, permeates her diverse oeuvre, be it a vivid canvas, a graphite sketch, or one of her many print editions.

While her artistic journey began as a self-taught teenager, Robin's true artistic awakening occurred when she enrolled in Life Drawing classes at the ANU School of Art in 1985, where she collaborated with third-year Sculpture students.

Since then, she has ventured into various artistic mediums and pursued numerous Printmaking courses, notably at the Warringah Printmakers Studio, where she also contributed to teaching this craft.

In July 2009, Robin embarked on an enriching Printmaking workshop experience in Florence, studying alongside artists and printmaking veterans from across the globe. She also shared her expertise alongside her sister at The Rodd in Britain and co-hosted a printmaking workshop at Il Bisonte in Florence in 2010.

Robin continues to inspire through her role as a tutor, conducting several printmaking workshops at Studio 74 in Robertson NSW and annually returning to Italy to impart her knowledge at the Il Bisonte Studio in Florence.



The Printmaking Sisters have a wealth of experience in teaching printmaking techniques, and they specialize in Waterless Lithography and Aluminium Etching. They have been teaching in Australia and Florence, Italy, for over 25 years and have recently built a dedicated Printmaking Studio in Robertson NSW, called Le Studio 74, where they hold regular workshops and classes for artists of all levels.

The Printmaking Sisters also have a dedicated art gallery space at the Highlands Hive Creative Hub, where they showcase their unique, one-of-a-kind prints and artworks. The Creative Hub is located at 74-76 Hoddle St Robertson NSW and offers a vibrant, inspiring environment for artists to learn, create, and exhibit their work.

For those who can't attend the classes in person, the Printmaking Sisters offer online printmaking courses that have successfully attracted students from around the world. With their vast knowledge and experience, the Printmaking Sisters are dedicated to helping artists discover and develop their printmaking skills. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, the Printmaking Sisters can provide guidance and support to help you achieve your creative goals.

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