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Waterless Lithography 

The Practical Online Course with Printmaking Sisters

Our new online course offers you a thorough knowledge of the Waterless Lithography technique enabling you to go forward and confidently create your own lithographs. Robin & Annie’s combined expertise as printmaking teachers and their tried and tested lessons in the fundamentals of Waterless Lithography over many years is the key to your success.                  
                             Robin & Annie - the Printmaking Sisters



Included in the Course

The course is packed with explanatory videos plus the bonus of detailed downloadable notes for you to print and keep.


At your own speed enjoy lessons containing practical videos as the sisters guide you step by step all the way.


By the time you finish this course you will know exactly how to create your own waterless lithographs.


Connecting is easy through your member portal. Whether you are a beginner, an established printmaker or artist you will find our information to the point, practical and easy to understand.

We are alongside you for the first 8 weeks with regular live Q & A sessions and there is a worldwide circle of our 'members only' Facebook group.  Here you can ask questions, get feedback and connect directly with Robin & Annie and your fellow students. 

'What if I don't have an etching press?'
During the course we show you how to print using a pasta maker, a craft press and a  Japanese baren.

Proceed at your own pace

You may choose to immerse yourself and complete the course over two weeks, or take time working your way through the lessons over several weeks.

We consider your best option is to view it all to get a feel of the technique then go back and do each lesson in order. There will be some setting up explained in detailed videos and downloadable notes on a link we send beforehand - it's good to get this foundation, an integral part, under your belt - then the lessons will run very smoothly.


Once enrolled you will have access to the entire course on the start date. You can view the modules at your own pace, refresh and replay anytime you like.

For ongoing Tuition, the Sisters will be available in the private Facebook Group for 8 weeks after enrolments close and you can email us at any time. We also plan a weekly zoom meeting.


Robin & Annie have condensed and streamlined years of their research and practice into every module.  

Expect to master each aspect of the technique by the time you finish all the exercises.

The Sisters and their students love this printmaking technique.  Compared to many other methods it is fast and simple and has a wide range of effects that are easy to acquire.

About the Technique

Nik Semenoff, inventor of this revolutionary printmaking technique, said that when he set out to create his new process he wanted to:

 "Eliminate the toxic materials used by printmakers of the day. Dangerous substances were replaced by inexpensive, readily  available materials that simplified the processing of plates and produced clean, long running images from direct hand drawn plates."

Waterless lithography is now an important addition to the artist’s lithographic process. 

These days we can all enjoy the fruits of Nik’s labour as we discover and work with this amazing printmaking technique.


If you ever wondered how to get started with waterless lithography but got mixed messages or thought it was too difficult, this course has the answers.

We taught ourselves – it took more than 6 months of intensive trial and error at first but we triumphed and learned so much in the process. During that time we made every mistake you can imagine - we show you how to avoid all that.

For the past 15 years we have been teaching the technique to many satisfied students.

By concentrating on the successes and skipping the downfalls we help you become proficient in the waterless process at your own speed.

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We have begun the filming again and it shouldn't be too long before we have something to show you.
We are just SO excited about it all.

Preparations for the Course

A few days before the start date when the excitement is building we send you a link to the Preparation Videos and list of requirements which should be reasonably easy to assemble no matter where you live.

Muster the necessary items and be ready to begin once the lessons go live. We know this will definitely give you a head start.
At the same time you can connect with fellow students from around the world on the private Facebook group. Our new friends around the world will also be helpful in assisting you to find anything you need. And Robin & Annie are first in to help you every step of the way.

This is how your new printmaking adventure begins.