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Our Gallery/shop is open Friday to Monday 10 - 4

Small Printmaking classes, handmade prints, small gifts & cards

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74 - 76 Hoddle Street Roberson NSW

Printmaking Classes  

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Printmaking in Florence 


Our workshops are held in the inspiring atmosphere of the historic Il Bisonte Studio where Henry Moore & many famous artists have worked.


*Robin prints a plate with her pasta maker -
 new video
*New Video showing inking waterless & intaglio plates
Chris C
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Jenny and Ali
From above
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Looking at prints

I would like to say thank you to you both for your patience, perseverance, encouragement.  Having 5 novices of a certain age who sometimes forgot one of the most important steps whilst preparing plates must have been a challenge for you both.  The class had a gentle air of anticipation and excitement when the first plates were printed showing a new process and with the backdrop of Florence made the three weeks magical.       Trish

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Classes, Handmade Prints
Small Gifts, Cards
Come and say hello 
Highlands Hive
74 - 76 Hoddle St Robertson


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Printmakers in the Netherlands 
More here

Thank you both for running such a wonderful workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed re-learning the process and have now set up to work at home. You are so generous with your information and time. It was a successful week all round.. Patsy                                               


without a press

Robin guides you

step by step as

she creates this

print with a baren

Would you like to sell your prints? Join the Printmakers Buy & Sell group on

    With Annie and Robin's energy, enthusiasm, encouragement and expertise, and being relatively new to printmaking, I found this amazing course inspiring, productive and very enabling. The studio setting was perfect, and a lovely space for three weeks, in which to explore and create work around themes mostly relating to Florence and the beautiful Tuscan landscape. Aside from the workshop, just to be in Florence for 3 weeks and feast on the architecture, history and culture (not to mention the prosecco and gelato) was a true delight.  Jenny

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Our favourite presses


Steve Twohig press maker

phone 0422 421 373

Our favourite presses


Steve Twohig press maker

phone 0422 421 373

A joyful experience at Il Bisonte. 2017

I learnt so much ... about wonderful printmaking techniques to keep me playing for a long long time. 

Also learnt lots about travelling again, Florence, food, people, having fun and renewing my love of things Italian.

Thanks for providing a great life experience.

                                      Chris C

VCA vegetable cleaning agent
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Just wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful printmaking workshop over the previous three days. Your generous sharing of your knowledge and all the valuable assistance you gave to everyone is very much appreciated.                      Di

It was great to work with you  both. It was an eye-opener for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed the frustration interlaced with occasional rewards!

My heartfelt thanks to you both for your wonderful instruction.               


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Ali Boyd at the press
Great article about the
Toowoomba workshop

I thought I’d learnt a lot about printmaking after 40 on-and-off years of doing it, but the wonderful thing about this medium is that it never stops evolving.  I had heard about waterless lithography about ten years ago, and had always meant to try it out for myself, but until I heard about the Printmaking Sisters I had no idea how to start. Although these girls are no spring chickens, (well, neither am I!) they are bursting with energy, ideas and a heap of information about this technique.

I had the opportunity to do a 4 day workshop with them in Adelaide this year, which was kindly hosted by another talented lady, Liz Wauchope. It was a mind-bending experience: we were introduced to so many new and exciting ideas that I found it hard to keep it all in my head, but the Sisters’ excellent instruction and patient guidance helped me through all the processes and I was very agreeably surprised with the results of my efforts.

I am quietly experimenting at home with the technique, with the intention of producing a series of waterless lithos on an avian theme. I have something to aim for: the Sisters run a biannual print exchange, which raises substantial funds for an important cause. If you’re quick, you may be able to purchase your own set of prints from the 2013 exchange via their webpage.

Julia Wakefield    See Julia's prints here  

Alison Durham waterless lithograph with chine colle


Glenys Mann’s wonderful workshops  

Steve Twohig - press maker   

Thanks again for a really good 4 days. I learnt a lot and appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us.                                     Geoff

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Printmaking workshop in italy. How to apply silicone to a waterless plate.

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