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I must say your workshop was the most enjoyable and instructive I have ever been to.    Cary J​
Thank you for your generosity in showing me a printmaking process that fits my lifestyle and has given me a passion for printing again.                           Tamara

Words from our students 

This has been an absolutely amazing workshop!I love the process; your generosity in sharing what you know is out of sight! Thank you both so much!         Peta

We had a wonderful time in Italy, Annie, and the weeks spent with you and Robin were unforgettable. Which leads me to indicate that I am interested in your programme next year in Florence.  Jim J

Thank you both so much for the wonderful workshop you conducted at Ballarat. You were so generous with your time and information. There was certainly no holding back on the secrets of waterless lithography which you have painstakingly developed over the years. I truly loved every minute of the workshop – even the mistakes I made which you were able to fix!   Patsy B

The dust has settled and we are all looking for the equipment to do waterless such is our excitement!I'll say it again – I really do think you both excelled yourself with the notes. They are brilliant, and I've seen a lot of notes over the years!!!! I've been in touch with almost everyone in the class and our sentiments are unanimous.When I mentioned in this letter to everyone the generosity of your teaching, how structured and streamlined you have it, how it empowers those who learn it to feel confident because it's so comprehensive, how you both pitch in with all the worst aspects of print making - cleaning up, helping anyone at any stage- and how we as students don't want for anything when we go to your class, again the responses were unanimous. Everyone commented on how successful it all was and the ways in which they felt they could utilise the techniques.I know, by design, that your commitment to what you do is intentional but it's heartening to have that confirmed.      Linda D      

I thought I’d learnt a lot about printmaking after 40 on-and-off years of doing it, but the wonderful thing about this medium is that it never stops evolving.  I had heard about waterless lithography about ten years ago, and had always meant to try it out for myself, but until I heard about the Printmaking Sisters I had no idea how to start. Although these girls are no spring chickens, (well, neither am I!) they are bursting with energy, ideas and a heap of information about this technique.

I had the opportunity to do a 4 day workshop with them in Adelaide.  It was a mind-bending experience: we were introduced to so many new and exciting ideas that I found it hard to keep it all in my head, but the Sisters’ excellent notes, instruction and patient guidance helped me through all the processes and I was very agreeably surprised with the results of my efforts.   

Julia W

I do wish to thank you both for the two weeks of tuition and conviviality. Because we had never met there was a risk in booking the course but nevertheless I had high expectations because of the quality of your website, the display of your work there, the location and the little I knew about waterless lithography.

As I said to you in Florence, my expectations were completely exceeded. Furthermore we had the bonus of making two new friends.     Chris P

Over six days lots of past experiences came together, as well as getting into the swing of things with the waterless litho. The sisters created a “Summer School” package unlike any other that I’ve experienced – it was truly inspiring.  Kathie A

I can’t thank you enough for the weekend’s workshop – it was fantastic. I love this method and want to do more.  Amanda L
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