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97 Clare Jean Ford   Australia
97 Clare Jean Ford Australia

‘Flight’ Linocut Three feathers from the collection of many my son and I have gathered.

105 Sonya Flynn   Australia
105 Sonya Flynn Australia

‘Archaeopteryx’ Linocut I have been interested in the Archaeopteryx since a fossil of a skeleton was found. The Archaeopteryx is thought to be the link between the dinosaurs and birds. I was influenced by other artist's ideas of what it might look like. The brown ink reminds me of the original fossil.

104 Sharron Okines Australia
104 Sharron Okines Australia

‘Year 2, Day 18’ Linocut An extension of my daily drawing practise, non-dominant hand, blind contour drawing translated into a linocut print. Influenced heavily by Mattisse and an ongoing homage to 'My Girls'. www.sharronokines.weebly.com

96 Clare Jean Ford   Australia
96 Clare Jean Ford Australia

‘Found’ Linocut One small insect found amongst the abundance in my garden.

103 Denise Gillies  Australia
103 Denise Gillies Australia

‘Feathers’ Reduction Linocut Feathers fascinate me not only for their beauty but also as key units in the miracle of flight. Hopefully we will leave our natural environment sufficiently intact that we are not left only with these vestiges of our amazing bird life. www.lyndendale.com.au

102 Kylie Fogarty  Australia
102 Kylie Fogarty Australia

‘Foraging Kiwi’ Intaglio In 2013 I had the pleasure of visiting the Otorohangu Kiwi House and Native Bird ark. The gorgeous kiwi bird is in serious decline. I was mesmerised by the way the kiwis were using their beaks to forage through the dense vegetation of their habitat. www.kyliefogarty.com

101 Cheryl McCoy   Australia
101 Cheryl McCoy Australia

‘Poison Dart Frog’ Etching – variable edition Printmaker Cheryl McCoy lives alongside the bush enjoying a cacophony of frog calls most nights. The Poison Dart Frog is an extraordinarily small creature from Central South America displaying a range of colours to rival most artist's palettes. Unfortunately, some species have become endangered due to habitat loss.

100 Naomi Krieger  Australia
100 Naomi Krieger Australia

‘A Fish’s Odyssey’ Screen print with hand colouring A little fish exploring the world in its cosy pod. Sometimes it can get quite lonely on its travels, so if you ever spot it - feel free to say, 'Hi little fish!' www.naomikrieger.tumblr.com

99 Jorji Gardener   Australia
99 Jorji Gardener Australia

‘The lesser of two weevils’ Reduction linoprint Botany Bay weevil also known as Blue diamond weevil Chrysolopus spectabilis. This was among the first of the insects collected by Sir Joseph Banks when Captain Cook landed in Botany Bay. The larvae feed on the roots of Acacia trees, while the adult weevils eat young leaves. The females are the larger insect making the males the lesser of two weevils.

98 Wendy Flack  Australia
98 Wendy Flack Australia

‘It’s a convention’ Linocut Our ducks are inquisitive, if a new object is put in their pen they gather around checking it out, quaking and chatting, discussing, commenting. If it’s something scary they will sit together motionless and silent until they are comfortable, then the chatting recommences.

95 Petra Pinn  Australia
95 Petra Pinn Australia

“Chilling Out” Etching One of my favourite animals, the sea otter. The otter spends much of his time grooming, which consists of cleaning and blowing air into their fur. When eating they roll in the water frequently, apparently to wash away food scraps from their fur. I love how they always look like they have a great time. www.petrapinn.net

94 Iram Wani   Pakistan
94 Iram Wani Pakistan

‘Childhood Memory’ Reduction Linocut The monsoon season that starts in July brings back precious childhood memories. The most awaited rain after the scorching months of summer would bring smiles to our faces. We would enjoy the croaking of frogs and taste the rain drops on our tongues. Chasing frogs was the most enjoyable thing of that beautiful time period.

93 Lisa Marie Hamilton   USA
93 Lisa Marie Hamilton USA

‘Bessie’ Intaglio etching and aquatint The inspiration for this cow print is twofold. I loved cows as a little girl and when we lived by a farm, I would traipse off up the hill to visit the cow on the other side of the fence. I am also working on illustrations of the poems by Edgar Lee Masters 'Spoon River Anthology" The poem of interest is Roger Heston. The poem is about his favourite metaphor 'Prickett's Cow' and free will.

92 Angela Liddy   Australia
92 Angela Liddy Australia

‘The Waterhole’ Lino Print Elephants are majestic animals with familial and social groupings. They are struggling to survive poaching and desertification in Africa. I wanted to show a positive future of a family group at a waterhole in a protected wildlife reserve

91 Mary Dixon  Australia
91 Mary Dixon Australia

‘Tarantula Hawk Wasp’ Etching and aquatint This moth uses the tarantula spider as a live development chamber for her egg. A wonderful example of the interdependence of the animal world and the importance of the survival of the species.

88 Mark Edgar  Australia
88 Mark Edgar Australia

‘Rhinos?’ Drypoint The animals are friends to Jesus, to treat them badly would surely piss him off. To not be able to save them shows ourselves to be lame in the eyes of those who would save us.

90 Lisa Molvig  Australia
90 Lisa Molvig Australia

'Water dragon’ Linocut Many water dragons live around the rock pools and streams in the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra. I see them on my walks there in the summer months, either basking on the rocks or having a swim in the pools.

89 Tracey Phillips  Australia
89 Tracey Phillips Australia

‘Billie Goat’ I wish I had bought a billy goat instead of a lawn mower!

87 James Larkins  Australia
87 James Larkins Australia

‘Zebrangel’ Linocut Whilst touring with visitors from Canberra, I saw this horse in a paddock on the way to the Gomboc Gallery in the Swan Valley of Western Australia. It appeared angelic and quirky in its appearance and of friendly character, suggesting this linocut image, exuding a peaceful, dramatic image. www.paw2.org.au

86 Larissa Macfarlane  Australia
86 Larissa Macfarlane Australia

‘Remembering Kloe – my kith and kin’ Drypoint I have shared many homes with many different cats and loved them all. And each time I have moved house, I have taken the bones of those cats that I have buried with me, in remembrance of our life journeys together. www.Larissamacfarlane.blogspot.com.au

85 Jean Birrell   Australia
85 Jean Birrell Australia

‘Lofty’ Waterless Lithograph Met Lofty in Nairobi

84 Colleen Clark  Australia
84 Colleen Clark Australia

‘Squirrel’ Drypoint I am new to printmaking and really enjoying adding exciting new techniques to my mixed medium art works. Animalia presented me with the opportunity to be part of something special both in art and the protection of our worldwide fauna. I fell in love with these squirrels whilst in England.

83 Charise Mixa  USA
83 Charise Mixa USA

‘Little Smokey Downunder’ Photopolymer Simply, my art is a means to celebrate and appreciate animals. "Little Smokey Down Under" is a solar plate etching created from a personal photograph and memorializes a rescued African Grey parrot, Little Smokey, and captures her gentle and playful spirit. Fly free little one 2/14/1992 - 4/3/2015

82 Marg McArdell  Northern Ireland
82 Marg McArdell Northern Ireland

‘Nightbird’ Colour reduction linocut 5 colours I am a relief printmaker, working at Belfast Print Workshop. Been making prints seriously for 5/6 years, and find registering for colour reduction an ongoing challenge! I have prints in many collections - London, New York, Los Angeles, etc.

81 Ivan Frew  Northern Ireland
81 Ivan Frew Northern Ireland

‘Mare’ Card Print The horse, usually in some abstracted form, has been an occurring subject of my art for a considerable time. That and other animal based imagery.

80 Jane Alexander Australia
80 Jane Alexander Australia

‘The Emu’s have it!’ Drypoint and monoprint Jane has a background in photography. Her paintings are in private collections in Australia, New Zealand, England and America. She works usually in Acrylic and mixed media. Her works have been shown at the Hunters Hill Art Exhibitions and various group exhibitions.

79 Monica Chivas  Australia
79 Monica Chivas Australia

‘Watching ‘n’ Waiting’ Intaglio with graduated relief roll The Butcherbird, with its lovely lovely songs, and quiet distinctive hooked bill to skewer its prey. With the habit of impaling uneaten prey on the thorn or branch - therefore gaining the name 'Butcherbird"

78 Leonie McCann  Australia
78 Leonie McCann Australia

‘Two Roos’ Linocut In the sunny morning paddock families of kangaroo gaze quietly back at you.

76 Lynne Mitchell  Australia
76 Lynne Mitchell Australia

‘Ediacara – First Animal – First Extinction?’ Waterless Lithograph What was life like 600m years ago? The fossilised impressions and marks made in the rocks by these ancient soft bodied creatures give us a glimpse of the first animals to live on earth.

77 Camille Lord  Australia
77 Camille Lord Australia

‘Gone Lizard Gone’ An earnest dabbler in all things related to making. Printmaking and working with cloth are my favourites.

75 Belinda McGrath Australia
75 Belinda McGrath Australia

‘Ogmograptis Scribula’ Linocut Ogmograptis scribula is a moth that lays its eggs mostly on the Eucalyptus rossii, a gum tree that is identifiable by the scribbles that the larva creates. When the moth emerges, it's 2mm in size and is rarely seen, the markings on the tree the only evidence to the eye.

74 Belinda McGrath  Austral;ia
74 Belinda McGrath Austral;ia

‘Scribbly Gum Moth’ Linocut I saw these beautiful marks on trees on Fraser Island and found out that the Scribbly Gum Moth lays it's lava between the bark layers on the trees. The larva burrows along, creating scars on the trees that resemble scribbles.

73 Lorraine Durant Australia
73 Lorraine Durant Australia

‘A Bird or two’ Photo Release and Drypoint Birds are appealing as they are so varied. Their forms and characteristics can be quirky, humorous and sometimes downright threatening, but all the time remaining true to their instincts. They can also fly - I wish!

72 Sally Carole Wright Australia
72 Sally Carole Wright Australia

Magpie II Linocut From one magpie sketch image two linocuts; a positive and a negative. This one is the negative magpie. When I was making the prints I enjoyed the monochrome pallet and the play of white and black bird. Black ink on white paper and white ink on black .

71 Sally Carole Wright  Australia
71 Sally Carole Wright Australia

Magpie I Linocut My daughter has an affinity with magpies. She has been feeding them since she was tiny. They seem to know her, flocking close by. I, on the other hand get swooped. My daughter has challenged me to get to know the birds better.

70 Joanne Heithersay-Jones Australia
70 Joanne Heithersay-Jones Australia

‘Minnetti the Honey Possum’ Photopolymer and a la poupe I've chosen the Honey Possum because of its tiny size and it’s a nectar eating marsupial unique to Australia, pictured here feeding on the Eucalyptus blossom.

69 Derk Luiten  Australia
69 Derk Luiten Australia

‘Shell’ Linocut Image of shell from large collection of friend Hillarie M. Recycled vinyl from floor of a Russian Orthodox church was used for plates.

68 Terry Bausor Australia
68 Terry Bausor Australia

‘Circus out of the Box’ Linocut I've depicted a tiny, carved, wooden toy given to my children. It consists of six animals which if nestled together correctly fit into a box painted like a circus tent. It is very cute but makes me feel a bit sad - they are so confined and so unsuitable paired!

67 Megan Edwards Australia
67 Megan Edwards Australia

‘Nautilus Shell’ Aluminium Etching and Relief Linocut The Nautilus Shell is a wonderful celebration of the intersection between mathematical principles and natural beauty. As just one of the many examples found within the natural world displaying the fundamentals of logarithmic and Fibonacci spirals, the nautilus shell also projects an aura of gentle and rhythmic calmness.

66 Alison Rimes  Australia
66 Alison Rimes Australia

‘Kookaburra’ Linocut Kookaburras, native to Australia and New Guinea, live in woodlands and open forests. Referred to as the laughing kookaburra, its sound starts off with a chuckle and builds into a loud laughter.

65 Kaye Turnbull  Australia
65 Kaye Turnbull Australia

‘How Now Brown Cow’ Photopolymer etching from a painting I love cows. I love large gentle eyes, their stoic stare. If you watch cows lying in a field ruminating, they look totally at peace. I envy their state of calmness

63 Catherine Valpiani Australia
63 Catherine Valpiani Australia

‘Friends’ Waterless Lithograph with hand colouring A print made from a sketch of two dachshunds cuddled in sleep. One is Frank a young, lively dog, the other was Milly, his elderly 'rescued' companion. Touchingly devoted friends.

64 Vanessa Curley Australia
64 Vanessa Curley Australia

‘Play Ball’ Linocut with collage Animals and pets in particular bring joy to our lives and deserve to be loved and cared for. Our kelpie puppy brought with her an infinite amount of energy into our home. I never realised how much happiness can be achieved by playing ball, and you can never have too much of either in your life

59 Justin Watson Australia
59 Justin Watson Australia

‘Currawong’ Acrylic Drypoint Currawongs gracefully swoop down into the garden for a drink, eyeing the world suspiciously before flying away in a rustle of black feathers. Justin Watson began etching in 2014 enjoying the fine line and tone the medium offers. He is currently studying a BFA at the National Art School, Sydney.

62 Alison Peisker  Australia
62 Alison Peisker Australia

‘Blue whale rising’ Linoprint The Blue whale is the largest living animal on Earth and is the heaviest that has ever existed, yet they move with a majestic weightlessness. I wanted to capture the blue whale as it rises to breathe. ‘Blue whale rising’

61 Laurie McKern Australia
61 Laurie McKern Australia

‘Happy dance of freedom’ Aluminium etching My etching is inspired by a video I saw on Facebook of Georges the bear. Georges was rescued from bile traffickers. He was filmed cooling himself from the hot Vietnam sun, splashing joyfully in a big tub of water. A happy dance of freedom.

60 Justin Watson Australia
60 Justin Watson Australia

‘Bearded Dragon’ Zinc Plate Etching This is a bearded dragon encountered while living in Broken Hill in 2012. It sat regally still in the sun and silence. Justin Watson began etching in 2014, and enjoys the fine line and tone the medium offers. He is currently studying a BFA at the National Art School, Sydney.

55 Linda Chandler Australia
55 Linda Chandler Australia

‘Emergence’ Woodblock The dragonfly spends the first two years in the water as a nymph. It then climbs from the water following the moon to the surface and transforms into a winged insect with great agility, speed and elegance.

58 Linda Chandler Australia
58 Linda Chandler Australia

‘Resting’ Drypoint, chine colle, hand coloured The importance of entomology and how precious the insect world is to our world is without question. The insects survival and adaptation techniques in a fragile environment send a clear message to our own existence.

47  J.E. Lewis Australia
47 J.E. Lewis Australia

‘Strolling Tiger II’ Linocut hand coloured BA Fine Arts (printmaking) 1979. I gave up printmaking after falling ill from the chemicals and inks involved with the old methods. I've recently taken it up again after discovering the safer methods now being used. I work figuratively and in other mediums also.

57 Linda Chandler Australia
57 Linda Chandler Australia

‘The Journey’ Drypoint This edition is my personal response to the natural environment in an effort to awaken awareness to the fragility of nature. A visual reminder of the urgent need to preserve the balance of nature on which survival depends.

56 LInda Chandler 'Dance of the Jiggai' Drypoint Chine Colle.jpg
56 LInda Chandler 'Dance of the Jiggai' Drypoint Chine Colle.jpg

‘Dance of the Jiggai’ Drypoint & chine colle The tribe Kuku - Yalanji in far north Queensland tells a sacred story reminding us to dance. The 'Jiggai' dances from the time it is a larvae in the bottom of the waterhole. It follows the moon to the surface throughout its life dancing, then just above the water it emerges as a dragon fly. It reminds us that when we dance the Earth Mother feels us on her back. She then brings rain that will bring abundance to the waterholes and rainforests.

26 Ruth Thompson Australia
26 Ruth Thompson Australia

‘Bee’ Woodcut and Linocut with hand colouring This print celebrates the industrious bee, and our close relationship and reliance on heathy bee populations for food, cosmetics and environmental beauty.

51 Malcolm Fellows Australia
51 Malcolm Fellows Australia

‘White & Black Swans’ Cygnus Olor – Cygnus Atratus Linocut reduction The white swan - part of the British Crown Estate, the Black swan - Emblem of an Australian State. Emblematic of an oppressed race, or a signal to a first race, first state….recognition awaiting…

49 Monica Wiesblott USA
49 Monica Wiesblott USA

‘Beauty Queen’ Linocut I work in battleship linoleum. I enjoy the seduction of creating pieces with great detail. The joy of carving tiny dots to create a pattern in the fabric of a dress, or a shadow on the ground: the process of meticulous detail the ritual of repetition and purposeful patience.

48 J. E. Lewis Australia
48 J. E. Lewis Australia

‘Strolling Tiger’ Linocut hand coloured BA Fine Arts (printmaking) 1979. I gave up printmaking after falling ill from the chemicals and inks involved with the old methods. I've recently taken it up again after discovering the safer methods now being used. I work figuratively and in other mediums also.

50 Lesley Watt Australia
50 Lesley Watt Australia

‘Baby wombat’ Relief Print This baby wombat, vulnerable and hairless (and from a human point of view is in need of a manicure) is returned to its burrow in this image.

46 Cary James Australia
46 Cary James Australia

‘Hippopotamus’ Intaglio hand coloured Cary James developed an interest in drawing upon retirement. He now has a 'Third Life', drawing, painting and printmaking.

45 Marg McArdell Northern Ireland UK
45 Marg McArdell Northern Ireland UK

‘Waiting for…’ Linocut Told at school more than 50 years ago I was no good at art, I gave up. Took a beginners drawing class 15 years ago, the teacher is a stone lithographer. I did a printmaking course with him (Simon Burder) and haven't looked back. No room here to say what I think of school...

44 Linda Fardoe Australia
44 Linda Fardoe Australia

‘Asian Elephant’ Linocut The Asian elephant is revered and respected by many. Unfortunately it is also treated with cruelty and abuse by others.

43 Lisa Reid Australia
43 Lisa Reid Australia

‘Fish Tail’ Wood block print I love to watch the goldfish in our pond. They dart amongst the water plants and then they have gone.

42 Sally Richards USA
42 Sally Richards USA

‘Emu II’ Screen print with pencil detail My brother emigrated from the US to Australia in the 70's and since then all things Australian have been part of my life. I thought it fitting to celebrate the spirit of the animal, to create this serigraph from an original ink drawing of the emu. Australia’s National bird.

41 Courtney N Googe USA
41 Courtney N Googe USA

‘Chambered Nautilus’ Monotype and Relief Print Learning more about various cephalopods through my oldest daughter's interest in this endangered animal has inspired me to explore ways of including aspects of marine science in my prints. This edition was influenced by her desire to raise awareness for the plight of the lesser known cephalopod, the Chambered Nautilus.

36 Barbara Semler Australia
36 Barbara Semler Australia

‘Love Birds’ Collagraph Notice the emotional connections between birds.

40 Frances Crum USA
40 Frances Crum USA

‘Little Halftail in the garden’ Serigraph and thread Little Halftail is a kitten full of curiosity and mischievous antics. He has a great desire to help all animals.

39 Leonora Brown Australia
39 Leonora Brown Australia

‘Majestic Pelican’ Intaglio and drypoint My printmaking reflects forms, textures and colours found in the natural environment and is greatly influenced by my country upbringing, surrounded by forests and visiting fauna. I worked in the textile and horticultural industries where colour and shape informed my decision making. The progression towards the final print can be challenging and occasionally inspire an unexpected different creative direction.

38 Alison Raven Australia
38 Alison Raven Australia

‘Blue banded bee’ Linocut I have a great passion for our native Australian bees (and insects in general), but this is the first time I have combined this with my art making , working from photographs of bees in my garden in Victoria.

37 Barbara Semler Australia
37 Barbara Semler Australia

‘Red Dog’ Collagraph Proud dog checking out the desert world.

34 Brenda Nunn Australia
34 Brenda Nunn Australia

‘Watching’ Photopolymer I love doing prints of the birds in our area. We have had a family of Kookas here for years. Very keen hunters. This print is of the 'Lookout" for the rest of family.

33 Margot Rushton Australia
33 Margot Rushton Australia

‘Inspecting the catch’ Waterless Lithograph Margot was introduced to printmaking by Patricia Holleley in 1983. Returned to printmaking intermittently at Megalo Print Studio Canberra 1984 -1990. In 2010 moved to the Illawarra and set up a studio and has concentrated on learning different techniques and expanding printmaking skills. Has a keen interest in traditional etching, waterless lithography and tends to focus on nature and animals

32 Greer Allicia Australia
32 Greer Allicia Australia

‘Echidna - an unexpected visitor’ 2 colour reduction linocut Whilst living on an acreage I was surprised and delighted to find an unexpected visitor one morning on my front door mat - a nosey little echidna, who was also rather surprised himself! He promptly raised his spines and tucked his head and nose underneath.

31 Diana Varcoe Hurst Australia
31 Diana Varcoe Hurst Australia

‘Blue Flyers’ Pochoir Memories of Blue Flyers from my past.

30 Malcolm Fellows Australia
30 Malcolm Fellows Australia

‘Bush Rangers’ Linocut The doctrine of Terra Nullius recognises the flora and fauna of our land - Homo sapiens are mammals - therefore our aboriginal and all of us co-exist in this land of contrasts, for good or ill.

29 Patti Jones Australia
29 Patti Jones Australia

‘Twosome’ Linocut A group of Superb Fairy-wrens live in our garden and bring a smile to our faces with their funny antics as they flitter here and there. Who can resist these beautiful little birds?

28 Michele Mack Australia
28 Michele Mack Australia

‘Looking for Mischief’ Drypoint It is always a delight to come across an echidna ambling through the bush, poking about here and there. They have sadly become scarcer since the 2003 bushfires in the ACT. I hope they are regenerating. I wanted to show their quirkiness in these prints.

27 Belinda Nye Australia
27 Belinda Nye Australia

‘Pet Shop Pup’ Reduction Linocut Silkcut My dog is a 'Pet Shop Pup', he was in the window of a petshop for 2 months. I believe he was too young and as a result has behavioural issues and must be kept away from children. I hope one day the Victorian laws change and a better code of practice is enforced

25 Catherine Roberts Australia
25 Catherine Roberts Australia

‘Singing for his supper’ Linocut This young magpie with his broken tipped beak, would follow me around looking for food as I worked in the gardens, he rejoiced in his finds with bursts of song that were a joy to hear, so I celebrate him with this portrait.

24 Christine Courcier-Jones Australi
24 Christine Courcier-Jones Australi

'Lovebirds' Linocut - Variable backgrounds Birds epitomise the freedom people desire. They fill our lives with joy with their song and soaring flight. They need trees, clean air, water and space to survive - and so do we.

23 Jean Birrell Australia
23 Jean Birrell Australia

'My Singaporean Duck' Waterless Lithograph I found this duck in Singapore many years ago and have enjoyed it being part of my life since.

22 Jude Evans Australia
22 Jude Evans Australia

'Red Wattle Birds' Hand painted linocut These, noisy, bossy birds are disappearing as our blocks get smaller and fewer trees are planted. Chemical spraying doesn't help. I miss chasing them out of the fruit trees and having them shout back at me!! Jude Evans belongs to a wonderful group of printmakers A.C.P. Mandurah WA

1 Angela Iliadis Australia
1 Angela Iliadis Australia

'The Sumatran Elephant' Linocut The Sumatran Elephant, the smallest of the Asian elephants, is facing serious pressures arising from illegal logging and habitat loss from palm oil plantations. Within the last 25 years the elephants have lost 70% of their habitat. The Sumatran Elephant is critically endangered and threatened by poaching and habitat loss. Don't buy ivory products!

3 Lisa Brack Australia
3 Lisa Brack Australia

'Pond Life - Minnamurra' 2 plate etching - solar and hard ground. Inspired by a trip to Minnamurra Falls where I watched these gorgeous insects play over rock pools. They are a traditional symbol of strength and courage.

2 Lisa Brack  Australia
2 Lisa Brack Australia

'Pelican' 2 plate lino print with hand colouring Pelicans are a much loved subject. While they appear almost comical at times they are supremely adapted to a life at sea.

Terese G Wilkins Australia
Terese G Wilkins Australia

'The Sparrow' Drypoint handcoloured Sparrows were a part of my childhood in Annandale in the 50s. These beautiful little birds were everywhere. They became a familiar part of the landscape as a child. Wherever I went there were always sparrows.

4 Julie Robinson-Southward UK
4 Julie Robinson-Southward UK

'Rhino' Reduction Linocut I am a printmaker based in the English countryside. My inspiration comes from my rural surroundings, agriculture and wildlife. But I like to travel and I was privileged to see these rhino and other magnificent animals in South Africa.

Vera Hemkes - Australia ‘Pardalote’
Vera Hemkes - Australia ‘Pardalote’

Waterless lithograph and chine colle. I chose an image of a pardalote for my work. The pardalote is unique in that it is a tiny fast flying bush bird of extraordinary beauty its jewel-like markings are very fine and provide successful camouflage. It is also unusual in that its nest is a burrow in a bank, but sometimes found in sheds or old carpets.

Christine Kelly - Australia
Christine Kelly - Australia

'The Messenger' Linoprint on hand coloured paper. There are many old stories told throughout Africa of chameleons sent as messengers of the creator and the unlucky outcomes of their exploits. I have always been fascinated by these delightful little lizards in spite of their 'bad press'.

Gillian Baldock  Australia
Gillian Baldock Australia

'Bilby' Etching The bilby is a small desert dwelling marsupial. Prior to European colonisation of Australia there were two bilby species. Only the Greater Bilby survives. It is endangered because of habitat changes and predation from feral animals.

Gillian Baldock  Australia
Gillian Baldock Australia

'Chimp' Two plate lino print Who can resist being captivated by the antics of chimpanzees? Noisy, curious and social they mirror us in so many ways.

10 Roger Humphreys 'Lion Monster'
10 Roger Humphreys 'Lion Monster'

Intaglio - Hand colouring An enlargement of a decoration in The Book of Kells St Luke Ch. 26

11 Jan Branham 'Ganesha' Lino cut
11 Jan Branham 'Ganesha' Lino cut

www.janbranham.net 'Ganesha'

Evelyn Upton - Australia
Evelyn Upton - Australia

'A Lot of Feathers' Collagraph and Photo Stencil Screenprint The issue of global warming creates a lit of talk, but far less action. As in a bird with feathers which are only for show, strutting around, looking good.

13 Simone Doherty 'Mr G' Linocut.
13 Simone Doherty 'Mr G' Linocut.

Inspiration in such a dignified gentleman.

Karin Alt Australia
Karin Alt Australia

'Outback Hero' Drypoint and medium transfer The Australian dingo is much maligned - hopefully this print goes someway to redress this situation. The text reads: 'Awarded to private Darryl Dingo for conspicuous bravery in the face of overwhelming odds in the battle against feral cats and foxes in the Aussie outback." Full citation can be found at karinaltarts.com/2015/outback-hero-ap/

Lynda Fraser - Australia
Lynda Fraser - Australia

Lynda Fraser - Australia 'A Blob fish might surprise you' Ugly animals need preservation as ugly is in the eye of the beholder. The blob fish has an uncanny resemblance to the human face. Look into its sad eyes, she needs a kiss on those jelly lips.

Ian Farrawell Australia
Ian Farrawell Australia

Ian 'Spike' Farrawell - Australia 'Southern Corroborree Frogs' Linoprint hand coloured Southern Corroborree frogs are only found within the Kosciuszko National Park, Australia. In January 2014 there were estimated to be fewer than 50 frogs in the wild. They grow to just 2.5 - 3cms in length. Their biggest threat are the chytrid fungus, bushfires, feral animals and humans.

Sue Shearer  Australia
Sue Shearer Australia

'Green Iguana' Intaglio, chine colle

52 Jenny Day UK
52 Jenny Day UK

'Uccelli' Waterless Lithograph From an early age Jenny has been captivated by the natural world. She has painted with oils for the last six years, capturing the changing rhythms within landscapes and seascapes, and the form and textures of animals and flowers. Jenny has only recently taken up printmaking using both relief and intaglio techniques.

53 Judy Pinder Australia
53 Judy Pinder Australia

I'm an honours print graduate of the National Art School, now based in Southeast NSW and working both in print and paint/mixed media. Scruff is typical of the cats of Florence, many of whom spend their lives precariously yet somehow securely perched several storeys high in the old city.

54 Lyn Nicholls Australia
54 Lyn Nicholls Australia

"L'Ape - The Bee" waterless lithograph

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167 Robin Ezra   Australia
167 Robin Ezra Australia

‘Master of all he surveys’ Lithograph He is the King of a vast domain, everything he looks upon, far and wide, he owns.

124 Annie Day Australia
124 Annie Day Australia

'The Gaze' Intaglio a la poupee and a little watercolour. Walter Mitty, long gone but fondly remembered. He could outstare any living creature. He had such a sweet nature and was frequently off with the pixies.

168 Judith Stroud  Wales, UK
168 Judith Stroud Wales, UK

“Anifeiliaid” Linocut “Anifeiliaid” means “animals” in Welsh. My print is based on a set of wooden toys in a box. It’s also about animals in zoos and cages.

165  Annie Day 'Kitty' Intaglio & watercolour.jpg
165 Annie Day 'Kitty' Intaglio & watercolour.jpg

‘Kitty’ Intaglio with watercolour It’s been a blessing to know some beautiful animals in my life, wild and domesticated.

166 Annie Day  Australia
166 Annie Day Australia

‘Belle’ Intaglio with watercolour It’s been a blessing to know some beautiful animals in my life, wild and domesticated.


"Web of Affection" Hard ground copper etch, drypoint + chine colle on archival pigment digital print onto Somerset etching paper. The spider and its web signifies the intricacy of what might be termed our consanguinity with the beautiful biosphere; planet earth. Metaphorically the polar bear represents the preservation of our environment though it's sad to say that the polar bears habitat is gradually being destroyed through global warming

163 Robin Ezra  Australia
163 Robin Ezra Australia

‘Gondolieri II’ Lithograph Two of the many things I love about Italy, gondolas and Italian greyhounds.

162 Amber Hall  Australia
162 Amber Hall Australia

‘Pipeline Pig’ Lithograph This Hampshire pig is keen to catch some waves !

Dorothy Pugh  United Kingdom
Dorothy Pugh United Kingdom

'Homeward Bound' Collagraph and lino print As spawning time draws near, the Atlantic salmon (salmo salar) returns to rivers and streams in which they were born. They travel thousands of miles and cross northern oceans back to freshwater, often through rapids and waterfalls, large salmon have been known to leap heights of eleven feet or more.

164 Hilary O'Brien  Australia
164 Hilary O'Brien Australia

‘Zoey’ Intaglio

161 Celine Khaw  Australia
161 Celine Khaw Australia

Title ‘Jawai Leopard’ Multiple zinc plate etching - 3 plates I enjoy wildlife photography and art. Rural Rajasthan is where the Jawai Leopards walk in the footsteps of Rabari herdsmen. This image is based on photos I took in the Indian summer of 2015. ckhaw@capturewild.com

160 Robyn Arrowsmith   Australia
160 Robyn Arrowsmith Australia

‘Mittens and Sooty’ Lithograph

159 Robyn Arrowsmith  Australia
159 Robyn Arrowsmith Australia

‘Toby’ Lithograph

158 Amanda Louth  Australia
158 Amanda Louth Australia

‘Mousehole – Ida Blanche’ Intaglio Alpacas are gentle inquisitive animals that leave a soft footprint on our planet.

157 Lyn Nixon  Australia
157 Lyn Nixon Australia

‘Black Carnaby’ 4 colour reduction linocut The Black Carnaby is found in Western Australia and is only one of two white tailed black cockatoos in the world. It is now endangered due to significant habitat destruction.

156 Kerryn Milkins Australia
156 Kerryn Milkins Australia

‘Palm Cockatoos’ Drypoint with ink flashes Having been a practising artist in Set, Scenic and design for many years. I have recently taken up printmaking. A new frontier that can only lead to more discoveries Especially in the realm of wildlife.

155 Libby Ryder Australia
155 Libby Ryder Australia

‘Sugar Bag’ Linocut with chine colle 1600 species of tiny native bees, in every colour from black and white to blue, busy themselves peacefully in our gardens and bushlands. Some make beautiful spiral shaped nest for their brood and store their tangy sugarbag honey around the edges. Watching them come and go from a backyard hive is fascinating.

154 Sharlene Wong  Canada
154 Sharlene Wong Canada

‘Little One’ Intaglio with hand colouring A little print of a little one that, given the choice, would take to the shadows. www.aionue.tumbler.com

153 Sharlene Wong  Canada
153 Sharlene Wong Canada

‘Star Thrower’ Linocut multiple plate The 'Star Thrower', an essay by Loren Eiseley, inspires my art and actions. The narrator watches someone throwing a starfish into the ocean and confronts him with the futility of his work since thousands are stranded. The person continues throwing a starfish saying 'it makes a difference to that one'. www.aionue.tumbler.com

152 Mary Pulford  Australia
152 Mary Pulford Australia

‘Tawny Frogmouth’ Intaglio with hand colouring The Tawny Frogmouth is usually a nocturnal bird. This little one was wide awake on a cloudy summer's afternoon, taking everything in, with its fiery orange - yellow eyes.

151 Kay Campbell  USA
151 Kay Campbell USA

‘Born Free’ Serigraphy I work in a number of mediums although most are print related. Conceptually my work addresses our human identity and community as well as our right to shelter and to privacy. I am engaged with the rights of wild life to exist in wild habitats without human interference. My reference to taxidermy is intended to probe questioning how this species became the cost of being born free and whether its subsequent demise was caused by human intrusion. http://www.kaycampbell.com

150 Rosemary Mostyn  Australia
150 Rosemary Mostyn Australia

‘Fishy Business’ Collagraph Little Fishies, Little Fishies…Swim freely while you can.

149 Steve Baird  Australia
149 Steve Baird Australia

‘Fair Maid of Perth 08’ Etching Horse Myths' explores horses associated with Australian historical narratives. The horses become principle characters, immersed in the landscape of misadventure. Men are stripped away and using historical sketches as motifs, horses tell the story. The 'Fair Maid of Perth' favourite horse of explorer Ernest Giles, disappeared in the Gibson Desert. www.stevebairdart.com

148 Ellen Bennett  Australia
148 Ellen Bennett Australia

‘Dasyurus Geoffroii’ Drypoint The Western quoll after a print by John Gould from around 1841. At that time Western quoll was found across 70% of Australia. The Western quoll is on the endangered list with feral cats and foxes contributing significantly to its decline.

147 Ellen Bennett  Australia
147 Ellen Bennett Australia

‘Abstract Wren’ Collagraph and Drypoint I started printmaking a few years ago making collagraph plates. Collagraphs have me looking at everything a a potentially vibrant and exciting source for imagery. I love the way you can create something lovely out of seemingly 'nothing'. With the Abstract Wren' collagraph I rolled the colours first and then printed the collagraph intaglio.

146 Jean Aitken  Australia
146 Jean Aitken Australia

‘Turtle’ Drypoint, intaglio with hand colouring I began drawing turtles for my grandson and became interested in the variety of marine turtles living in Australian waters. The migrate long distances to their feeding and nesting grounds and are under threat from hunting, pollution and changes to their habitat (i.e. coral reefs, mangrove swamps and beaches)

145 Kerry Phillips UK
145 Kerry Phillips UK

‘Leopard’ Etching This is an image I have taken from a small Victorian engraving it has been etched on to copper and printed using two plates.

144 Chris Doran  UK
144 Chris Doran UK

‘Peacock’ Lithograph and relief I am an active member of Birmingham Printmakers and enjoy print making in all forms. Lots of my work involves a mixture of different processes. The subject matter can be anything whatever takes my fancy at the time.

143 Vicky Harman  Australia
143 Vicky Harman Australia

‘Moo’ Lithograph

142 Karen Harman Australia
142 Karen Harman Australia

‘Homage to Neil Douglas – Spotted Pardalote’ Lithograph

141 Margaret Nagy Australia
141 Margaret Nagy Australia

‘Maddie’ Drypoint My Boxer Madeline seems to always compose herself into an irresistible design.

140 Jo Hollier  Australia
140 Jo Hollier Australia

‘Koala’ Drypoint on Perspex I felt I had to create a print of the Koala - an amazing Aussie icon that survives on eucalyptus leaves!! It's numbers are dwindling due to habitat loss and disease.

139 Carol Jane Willis  Australia
139 Carol Jane Willis Australia

‘One Liner Lou E’ Linocut One Liner Lou E Dog - hero to a nation! Would commentate without words. Lost his human carer to HIV. Was a diabetic, and part of international research. A hospital visitor dog. Made all who came into contact with him, smile and laugh at his antics. Proof that dogs do have souls...

138 Carol Jane Willis   Australia
138 Carol Jane Willis Australia

‘Three Secrets’ Linocut Fish: symbolic of many things Life, religion, faith, nature, agility, all species of life in oceans and waterways Sustenance: top and bottom of the food chain. Largest Whales survive on tiniest krill. Take a link out of the life cycle, it ceases to exist. Humans must think. Greed is not need...

137 Janet Neilson  Australia
137 Janet Neilson Australia

‘Cloud with silver gull’ Drypoint Local birds tend to feature in my work. A recent move close to the sea and the river has turned my attention to the ever present silver gulls

136 Simone Tippett  Australia
136 Simone Tippett Australia

‘Kanga’ Lithograph My brother and I had a pet kangaroo as children growing up in rural South Australia. We insisted Dad rescue him from the roadside, called him Skippy and would play with him in the scrub outside our home. Often he would 'massage' on heads with his little paws. If felt great and everyone was happy we played together until Skippy got big enough to prefer his own bouncy family.

135 Mike Clements  UK
135 Mike Clements UK

‘Archaic Strigiforme’ Image inspired by 7,000yr old decorations on Attic pottery shards from ancient Thera on the Greek Aegean island of Santorini. Strigiforme is the scientific name for owls. Mike Clements is a UK printmaker and book artist. He works at the Sidney Nolan Trust, on the border between Herefordshire and mid-Wales.

134 Catherine Prose  USA
134 Catherine Prose USA

‘Two Burrowing Owls; Least Concern’ Screenprint I had loving experiences with nature at an early age spending the majority of my time between the Wichita Mts. in Oklahoma and White Mts. in Arizona. I have a deep respect for nature, recognising it as my ancestor. I approach my art with that knowledge.

133 Robin Ezra  Australia
133 Robin Ezra Australia

‘At the gate’ Lithograph with hand colouring

19 Elizabeth Burton  Australia
19 Elizabeth Burton Australia

‘Suzie’ Lithograph, chine colle and hand colouring This is a print of a drawing of one of my beloved dogs, Suzie a Tibetan Spaniel

20 Elizabeth Burton  Australia
20 Elizabeth Burton Australia

‘Corvi’ A ‘murder’ of crows – very interesting and intelligent birds.

131 Penelope Bethune   Australia
131 Penelope Bethune Australia

‘Platypus’ Lino/chine colle Most of us don’t see too many Platypus in the wild. When we do they are on the surface. They spend most of the time under water. Protect our waterways for our unique monotreme.

132 Rosanna Jurisevic  Australia
132 Rosanna Jurisevic Australia

'Fleeting' etched plate with embossing.

130 Helen Cameron   Australia
130 Helen Cameron Australia

‘The Beetles’ Lithograph This is a design to show beetles exploring their environment.

129 Julia Wakefield  Australia
129 Julia Wakefield Australia

‘Masked Booby’ Woodcut and Chine Colle

128 Catherine Blake  Australia
128 Catherine Blake Australia

‘Summer Fun’ Reduction Linocut and Chine Colle Having just come back from a fantastic print making holiday in Skopelos Greece there was no other choice of animal - and I wanted to convey that sun, warmth and joy of life in my print.

127 Penny Peckham   Australia
127 Penny Peckham Australia

‘Ducks on the Run’ Linocut Since moving to Central Victoria last year I have enjoyed the abundance of wildlife that is now part of my day. Kangaroos abound (!) and there are noisy birds aplenty - cockatoos, rosellas, magpies - and these are some of the many ducks that I encounter on my daily walk around the Botanical Gardens.

126 Annie Day  Australia
126 Annie Day Australia

‘Sunset’ Lithograph Vale Cecil. Let’s put a stop to hunting wild animals for good.

125 Annie Day  Australia
125 Annie Day Australia

Kittens’ Lithograph Kittens watching butterflies under an oak tree

123 Giuliana De Witts   Australia
123 Giuliana De Witts Australia

‘Blue Cow’ Drypoint Cows behind their doe-eyed gaze, they are sensitive, intelligent, social, affectionate and endearing animals. They deserve to be treated with kindness and resect. They are living feeling beings capable of experiencing joy, pain and fear - Incredible individuals.

122 Kathie Atkinson   Australia
122 Kathie Atkinson Australia

‘Black Duck’ Linocut and lithograph

121 Karen Neal Australia
121 Karen Neal Australia

‘Orange Bellied Parrot’ Linocut with hand colouring The orange bellied parrot is critically endangered with fewer than 50 birds in the wild. They migrate between their breeding grounds in South West Tasmania to their winter grounds on Southern mainland Australia. Further challenges occurred this year with an outbreak of beak and feather disease that has further depleted the wild birds population.

120 Karen Neal  Australia
120 Karen Neal Australia

‘Rainbow Lorikeet’ Linocut with hand colouring Rainbow Lorikeets are common in suburban gardens & parkland near my house. They are loud and will be found near flowering plants or, like this curious bird, investigating sugar packets at an outside café table.

119 William Rigg  Australia
119 William Rigg Australia

‘Mollusc’ Linoprint The Shark Bay World Heritage are is a treasure for a number of rare animals and plants. The shell beaches and beds record an amazing natural history. The motif is based on some shells found at Shark Bay in June 2015.

118 Di Scarlett  Australia
118 Di Scarlett Australia

‘Nature’s Little Artist’ Linocut with hand colouring The bowerbird is' Nature's Little Artist', obsessively and compulsively collecting, building, arranging and decorating in order to attract a mate. My print is inspired by the Fawn-Breasted Bower Bird who utilizes a piece of vegetation as a tool to print and decorate the walls of his bower.

117 Cary James
117 Cary James

‘Scorpio’ Etching with hand colouring Cary James developed an interest in drawing upon retirement. He now has a 'Third Life', drawing, painting and printmaking

116 Cary James  Australia
116 Cary James Australia

‘Pigmy Possum’ Drypoint Cary James developed an interest in drawing upon retirement. He now has a 'Third Life', drawing, painting and printmaking.

115 Laurie Martin  USA
115 Laurie Martin USA

‘Vitruvian Elephant’ Etching As I was working on an etching for the 'Spoon River Anthology' I came across Da Vinci’s 'Vitruvian Man' The poem in the anthology is called 'Sam Hooke'. The author of the book is Edgar Lee Masters. Da Vinci showed perfect proportions in his square inside a circle with the man standing nude inside. I put my elephant inside a perfect square/perfect circle and parted his legs too, doubling them as in the original Da Vinci. This was all for fun but for a serious matter.

114 Charani Ranasinghe Australia
114 Charani Ranasinghe Australia

‘Baby Ele’ Linocut Elephants are a part of life in Sri Lanka and it brings back memories of my childhood, the country where I was born.

113 Victoria Atkins Australia
113 Victoria Atkins Australia

‘Sauso!’ Relief print As a printmaker - currently living on the Sunshine Coast Queensland, most of my work is about where I live. Near the seaside amongst national parks, native fauna & flora. This print is a bit of fun. Playing with the fact that sausage dogs are so long. My youngest daughter is obsessed with them, every time we see one we have to meet them.

112 Patsy Bush Australia
112 Patsy Bush Australia

‘Ikan’ Multiplate Relief Print After a trip to Indonesia looking at traditional art I have used a fish image as inspiration for 'Ikan'. I have created a coloured background printing with bubble-wrap. I have used Speedball and Derivan block inks.

111 Erin Holt   USA
111 Erin Holt USA

‘Common Octopus’ Blend roll lithograph and relief block print My work often focuses on secret things. Reclusive things. There are few animals more mysterious than the octopus

110 Sue Butler Australia
110 Sue Butler Australia

‘Red Back Spider’ Embossed relief linoprint with Chine Colle Indigenous to Australia the venomous female red back spider bears a striking red stripe on her back, a siren call to the unwary but she is so small that often she remains hidden. Making this print has in no way cured me of not liking spiders.

18 Annie Day  Australia
18 Annie Day Australia

‘Scrap’ Lithograph Very special, smart, lovable, brave and courageous. What more do you need from your best friend?

106 Rosemary Christmas  Australia
106 Rosemary Christmas Australia

‘The Majestic Whale’ Drypoint The Majestic Whale Monarch of the Ocean and the largest animal in the world. A whale was seen in Middle Harbour Sydney July 2015, called in on its migration to the tropics for mating. (The Blue Whale weighs up to 200 tons and 30 metres long, and an endangered species).

107 Jan Synot Australia
107 Jan Synot Australia

‘Chiaroscuro’ Relief print My choice of subject for Animalia was inspired by my late Mother's love of Cats. The lovely light and dark of this study of a gentle moggy inspired the title of 'Chiaroscuro' for this edition

108 Zoe Lewis  Australia
108 Zoe Lewis Australia

‘Mother and Calf’ Two colour plate linoprint I work to capture the beauty of the natural environment in my art. I've enjoyed witnessing the steady increase of humpback whale numbers on their yearly migration up the east coast of Australia. @ZOELWN (Instagram)

109 Pat Durr  Canada
109 Pat Durr Canada

‘Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright…’ Relief Print It has been my good fortune to be an active practicing artist for over 40 years. I have had the opportunity to print on a monster press in the USA as well work on smaller presses at Open Studio Print Shop in in Toronto, Canada and in Ottawa, Canada. The 'Tiger' was printed on a small press in Ottawa. The inspiration for the print came from a Chinese New Year print I did a few years ago.

35 Roslyn Rogers  Australia
35 Roslyn Rogers Australia

'Zoobra' Lithograph

21 Iliopoulou Efstathia  Greece
21 Iliopoulou Efstathia Greece

'An Ocean Invasion' Linocut. The theme has to do with caretta caretta, a sea turtle that lives in Mediterranean and especially in the Greek island of Zakynthos. In my composition I have placed an eye, which symbolizes the humans who intrude the sea, throw garbage careless about the pollution they made, and they don't understand or they don't care about the consequences of their actions. My inspiration comes from traveling and exploration.


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Proceeds of sales are pledged to World Animal Protection to assist them in their wonderful work caring for animals in need.


Courtney N Googe 'Chambered Nautilus'

Marg McArdell 'Waiting For...'