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A few of our favourites

Uffizi onThursday nights

Palazzo Davanzati, a real medieval palazzo - not much changed over the last few hundred years plus a wonderful display of embroidery.

Palazzo Strozzi  - usually has a fabulous exhibition on, so make an effort to go there. Great gift shop  and good coffee.

Orsanmichele we visit on our walk, such fascinating history - it was once a
grain market then after the plague as an act of thanksgiving by those who
survived they changed it into a church. Sculptures around the building represent the various guilds,  Elisabetta our Art Historian will explain on the walk.

Accademia and San Marco can be done in an afternoon, the original David is at Accademia. Savonarola (Bonfire of the Vanities) his robes are in S Marco and we will pass by where he was burnt at the stake in Piazza della Signoria.

Palazzo Vecchio is FANTASTIC from top to ground floor. It's now the Florence town hall. See a copy of the David outside.

Michangelo's house is a lovely little museum.   I had always wondered where we could see some of the wonderful Artemisia Gentelischi's paintings, found one on the ceiling.   Read about Artemisia:

Santa Croce we usually cover this on our walk - it is a fabulous old church packed with history, graves and memorials to so many famous artists, inventors etc, even Florence Nightingale. There are real delights and treasures here.

S Martino is fascinating, it's free and we will walk there. They do 'Good works' currently and have for hundreds of years. Frescoes are by workshop of Ghirlandaio. 

Just around the corner is the church that Dante's Beatrice used to attend.

Museum of the Duomo, they have renovated and expanded recently and it's well worth a visit.  Downstairs in the Duomo you can see some of the floor of the original church. The Baptistry is lovely. And the bell tower is by Giotto.

There is so much more to see than these few places above.

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