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Demonstration of how to apply silicone to a waterless litho plate.


A few tips for applying the silicone mix


  • Make the mix a 'pouring cream' consistency by adding odourless solvent to the silicone, stir well.

  • Keep the lid on the mix to prevent it 'curing'.

  • Work lightly and spread the mix to cover the plate. Make sure you cover the edges.

  • Turn the roll over and polish lightly until there are no streaks.

  • Discard the length of paper you used.

  • Repeat the process.

  • Make sure the lid is on the mix when you are not using it.

  • The unused mix will keep for days in the fridge, great idea in hot weather when it tends to cure fast.

  • Make it a rule to have an 'edge' of at least 1" or 2.5cm to hang onto when applying the mix. Cut this edge off with scissors or a paper guillotine before you print.

  • Keep all the toilet paper you used during the process in a separate bin  to recycle for cleaning up around the studio - let it cure a day or so first.


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